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The mysterious house technique

           Chapter  The mysterious house.
      Written by Dr. Liana  Soffer 2005.

 - 'We tend to believe that if we wouldn't think of frightening things, they won't happen.
 We can't stop or prevent them. We can't stop the inevitable'.
 - 'If we take courage to stand in front of our fears with open wide eyes, may be we won't be afraid.
  Well being and deciding the right decisions is impossible if we let our subconscious fears manage  our life'.

  As a result of many years of medical practice I developed some unique methods to clinical hypnosis.
  One of them is "The mysterious House Technique". This technique was developed in order to diagnose and heal
  particular physical problems.
  In addition to that, the technique is also suitable for treating mental and emotional problems.
  By using “the house technique”, it is possible to heal psychosomatic problems and to alleviate symptoms of organic
  and even degenerative diseases.
  Through this technique we can unveil a primary sub-clinical damage.
  I used the house technique in self-hypnosis and guided imagination workshops.
  The participants have experienced interesting  experiences and some of them even discovered hidden diseases.

  The principle of the technique is seeing the human body as a house.
  A person projects himself on a house which he visualizes with the aid of hypnotic technique.
  Each area or room in the house represents an organ or a system in the patient’s body.
  This technique enables the patient to observe himself from the outside and to experience what is occurring inside his body.
  The creation of metaphoric dissociation enables the patient to confront with internal problems,
   to cope with them and to treat them successfully.
   When I met Rachel, I immediately thought of 'house technique'. Usually I rely on my intuition and I did so again.
   Rachel 50 years old, married + 2 was very nice and polite woman.
   Because she had many medical problems and had faith in hypnotic therapy she came to me.

   Hello Dr. Liana. I attended your lecture 6 months ago. It was a pleasure to listen to you.
   - Thanks.
   - I kept your prospects. After a little pondering I decided to begin a treatment process via hypnosis with your professional help.
   - I am glad. What is the problem you want to solve?
   - I suffer from an abdominal pain for a long time. I think its stomach ulcer. I am not sure… I wasn’t checked by a doctor.
   I don’t trust the doctors.
   - You know, I am a doctor too!
   - Yes. But I trust you. Because you are using hypnosis. Anyway, I am out of confidence, anxious, tense.
   I cannot concentrate. I am unemployed and supported by my husband. He is a terrible person.
   He reproaches me all the time.  Actually, I have no rights in my own home!
  - Did you experience relaxation or hypnosis in the past? May be some kind of meditation?
  - Once I did meditate. Then it eased me, but not now. I can't concentrate properly. Unfortunately,
  I don’t have any desire to do anything!

   I explained Rachel everything about hypnosis treat-t and subconscious mind. She got the things correctly and we began the work.
   In the beginning Rachel learned how to relax. From the 3-rd session she was ready for 'House technique' experience.
   I guided her during hypnosis:
   - Rachel. Imagine yourself enjoying in a beautiful forest. The forest surroundings are exactly as you like.
   The weather is excellent, the birds are singing, everything is green and blossom. You feel happy, liberated,
   flowing with easiness. You smell wet ground as after rainfall… you hear the leaves whispering with slight breeze…
   you walk on  a path between the high trees… the path takes you to a forest clearing… can you see all that?
   - Yes I see. It's amazing!
   - On the clearing you see a house. That house is you! It represents your essence – the soul and the body as well.
   - (she is silent).
   - (2 min. after). What do you see, Rachel? Any house?
   - I see the house… with 2 floors… (Silent)
   - What does it look like?
    -Curved and bent… with small and ugly windows… it's old and dirty. It's disgusting! It scares me…
    -Do you see something else? The surroundings?
    - Everything is arid and abandoned. I don’t like it!
    - Okay. May be you don’t like it, but you have a chance to change it.
    - Really? How? I would love to change it!
    - You can renovate the house or build it from scratch! You can add some plants around.
    - But how? It looks so hopeless to me!
    - Imagine it! Create a beautiful house in your mind! Imagine whatever you desire! Try it now!
    - May be I'll really change this house…
   - Do it, Rachel! Build a magnificent house for yourself.
   - … (After a brief silence) I straightened it and added a 3-rd floor… I enlarged the windows… and built a new roof.
   - Good job! Ask for professional's assistance. Call them and order around!
   - How can I do it?
   - By your will. Concentrate on a certain picture and it will appear!
   - I am used to do things by myself. I needn’t any help.
   - Why not? Some help here could ease your task.
   - Doing things on my own lets me feel powerful and domineering! Unfortunately in my actual life I do everything by myself,
   even if I am not capable at the moment.
   - Isn’t this difficult?
   - It is, but I don’t trust anybody. My relatives don’t help me. They never did.    
   - Why don’t you insist upon assistance?
   - I gave up. I always give up to everyone. May be I am so unhappy because I don’t fight.
   - Rachel, if you want to change the house, first you have to change yourself, at least your attitude.
   -… (After a brief silence) Perhaps you are right… I'll ask for some help.
   - Very well. Finish here outside and let's enter the house.
   - Just a moment, I am not yet done outside…
   - What is left?
   - I want to replant the garden and paint the house red.
   - Red? Why red?
   - The house looks so desperate grey and poor. Red color will make it attractive. I like red. I have red clothes but
   I don’t dare wearing them. They look extravagant and I am so conservative… my upbringing was very traditional,
   that included modest outfits.
   - Do you like your dresses today, Rachel?
   - Definitely not!
   - May be from now and on you'll renovate your wardrobe?
   - No! (After a few minutes) may be… perhaps…
   - Okay. Let's go on. Did you Hedged (fenced off) your garden?
   - No. I needn’t any fence. On the opposite, I want people to come to my house. It makes me happy.
   - Do you like company, Rachel?
   - Yes. Very much! When I'm alone I feel so lonely! I need people's company.
   - And now you are invited to imagine yourself in pleasant company. Call your friends and ask them to assist you in the house repair.
   - No! (With confidence) I'll repair the house myself!
   - Okay. Please enter the house. Tell me what do you see?
   - I am entering. The main door is creaking, it's old and rusty. I'll replace the door and put here beautiful flowerpots.
   - Good. Go on!
   - I am in the living room. It's huge… but so empty…
   - Rachel, which organ in your body does the living room represent?
  - My heart… and it is so empty! I am so miserable…
   - No. You can change everything! Do you want to furnish this room? Or to build another one completely different?
   You have a free hand!
   - I'll make it smaller and add a big window. I'll heighten the ceiling and add red curtains with yellow flowers.
   I'll put a couch and    armchairs and a little table in the living room. It's enough. Maybe I'll put here a big orange carpet...That’s all.
   - Did you finish here?
   - Yes. The room is perfect.
   - How do you feel about all the change?
   - (moaning) I feel different. Something like a widening inside my body. Maybe now, after I had fulfilled my heart,
   I won't feel empty anymore. I like the change. Let's go forward.
    - Okay. Leave the living room and go through the corridor. Stop near the next room.
   - I stopped.
   - Which organ this room represents?
   - Digestive system. Stomach and intestines.
   - Please Enter. What do you see?
   - The room is so full with junk! I cannot open the door! (Rachel had stomach problems and constipation).
   - Force it.
   - (with gasping) I did it, I am inside... O my God! What happens here!
   - What is the problem, Rachel?
   - There is no room to move around! The room is filled with instruments, bikes, kid's games, camping equipment and
    with many useless things to me. It's so strange, there are no windows and the room is so dark and stinking!
   - Rachel, why do you store all these things that are not yours? Can you explain this?
   - (After a silence) May be, it happens because I care about everyone but not myself. I can't refuse people.
    Even when I really do not want to do something, I do it without even arguing!
   - Why do you do it? Don’t you care about yourself?
   - I got bad education. My mom taught me to be flexible with everyone and give up on my wills. She wanted me to be a  peacemaker.
   - Rachel. Now you are supposed to get rid of your old customs (habits). All parents are bringing up kids
   according their old believes. Almost every parent tries doing his best. Unfortunately, your mom's way doesn’t fit you.
    - I'll stop with it. I promise. And now I'll throw away all the stuff. I'll remove the whole wall and throw everything
   through this opening. Now, instead of the wall I'll build a big balcony that will provide a lot of day-light.
   It is important that the room will be well ventilated.
   I furnished this room properly. I put here also an air conditioner. It will be my meditation room. I can be here alone on my own.
   -  Good job. You did the right thing throwing away all the stuff, Rachel.
   - Yes. I deserve such a good room! I am beginning to indulge myself. Now I am content. You know, Liana,
   we live in a big house and I have no private room for myself! I had noticed it just now!
   - Now you got it!
   - Yes, but for now it exists just in my mind!
   - Rachel, by imagining it you begin creating it in the real world! Go home and make a real room for your own privacy.
   - Certainly.
   - Promise me that you'll start arranging this room during this week. Do you have any spare room?
   - I'll find. I promise.

It is for me like air for breathing

   Rachel was quiet for a moment. ..... 


  All rights reserved to Dr. Liana Orin Soffer.

  This chapter was translated especially for International Hypnosis Congress in Sorrento 2014, there I presented this technique.

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